Info for Parents

EWH Summer Institute: Information for Parents

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COVID-19 and the EWH Summer Institute

While EWH is proceeding as though we will be able to run the Summer Institute in 2021, COVID-19 conditions will ultimately dictate whether it is possible and safe for us to place students in any of our partner countries. In consideration of the ongoing pandemic, EWH will not require payment for the program until we can confirm the program will proceed. We plan to make a final decision by March 1, 2021, at the latest.

Health and Safety Considerations

The health and safety of our Institute participants is always our highest priority. We send detailed prep packets to accepted participants before they begin the program. These packets contain information specific to the country in which they'll be working. In the meantime, however, here is some general information regarding health and safety in our Institute programs.

We take extra care to select sites that are as safe as possible. We encourage American participants and their parents to consult the US Department of State ( for the latest news and advice on traveling abroad. United Kingdom participants and parents may consult the Foreign and Commonwealth Office ( Danish participants may consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Participants and parents from other countries should consult the appropriate Ministry Office for their government's travel advisories.

Communicating with Participants during the Institute Program

EWH purchases a cellphone for each participant. Your child can provide you with their mobile number. Participants may also bring their own cellphones. Check with your service provider regarding international texting and calls.

Participants can also call home using voice over IP (VoIP) service at Internet cafes. There are several providers available on the Internet, such as WhatsApp or Skype. For more information, visit

Participants may also use the EWH cellphone to text others, both in the program country and in their home country.

Additional contact information may become available before the program begins.

Feel free to call 984-888-5159 (our office number) or 919-408-7338 (our emergency line) during the Institute programs if you have any questions regarding your child's safety.

Visiting During Your Student's Stay

Engineering World Health typically does not support parental visits to on-site locations. If there is a special need or circumstance, please contact us at so we can explore the situation.

Laptop Insurance

We recommend that all students bring a laptop. They will use the laptop to complete the hospital's inventory, complete work forms and possibly to communicate with friends and family back home.

Please be aware that theft of laptops is common. Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover stolen laptops while traveling. You may want to consider purchasing a separate policy for your child's laptop.