Chapter of the Year

The Chapter of the Year Competition recognizes the work and progress of the most outstanding EWH Chapter during each school year. Applications for the award allow EWH to gather ideas and successes to share with all Chapters. 


The Chapter of the Year will receive:

  • $200 credit in EWH products or toward the Design Competition registration fee
  • Certificates of Recognition


Past Winners and Entries (Click names to view their report)


2015-2016: University of Toronto


How to Apply
  • Fill in the template with descriptions of the Chapter's activities
  • Submit to by May 30 (deadline extended!)

2014-2015: University of California San Diego 

Honorable mention: Chung Yuan Christian University

Judging Criteria

The judging will be performed by EWH staff based on this rubric:

  • Synopsis of programs/projects (60%)
  • Chapter activities and fundraising approach (20%)
  • Membership numbers, fundraising amounts, number of programs/projects (5%)
  • Innovation and effort in executing activities  (15%)
2013-2014: Virginia Commonwealth University

Results Announcement

  • The winning Chapter will receive notifcation by email.
  • Results are posted on the EWH website by August 15.
 Noteworthy Entries