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Engineering World Health works to engage engineering students around the globe, at every level. For K-12 students, we introduce key STEM concepts with hands-on activities. For university students at home, our Chapters program connects them to the global engineering community. For university students and young professionals ready to put their skills to work, the Institute programs offer a unique, immersive opportunity for participants from around the world to come together, learn, and volunteer in low-resource hospitals. Finally, we are building our virtual programs so that we can foster international exchange and address global health challenges even when travel is not possible. Become a Corporate Partner: Contact Us at Today.

When you partner with EWH, you directly support the following programs:


University Chapters

EWH Chapters and other ways to engage in our mission from home.

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Kits and STEM Activities

Bringing Biomedical Engineering into the classroom.

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Virtual Programs

Adapting to meet students everywhere they are.

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The Institutes

Volunteer training and placements that support hospitals in need.

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