BMET Library

Engineering World Health fosters information exchange among engineers and technicians around the world. We believe that a stronger biomedical community will lead to more equipment designed for a variety of environments, more people with advanced biomedical knowledge, and - ultimately - more hospitals with the technology they need to provide quality care.

To that end, EWH has partnered with Dr. Robert Malkin's Developing World Healthcare Technology Laboratory at Duke University to build a digital library:

This library is free and available for everyone. It contains a collection of open-source books, publications, and other resources relevant to training BMETs, particularly in low-income countries.

The goal of this online library is to make resources more accessible to technicians practicing in the clinical environment, as well as to instructors and students in the biomedical field, no matter where they live. We hope you find our library useful. If you have additional materials you would like to see in our library, please email us at

Watch this video to find out more about the BMET Library: