Financial Aid and Tuition

The tuition payment for your EWH Summer/January Institute covers  a range of expenses, from your coursework and training to all of the tools that you need to work in the hospitals. The table below breaks down all that is included in your tuition. Because we never want for the cost of our program to be a deterrent to any student, need-based financial aid is available for those who qualify.

 Cost includes:

- Language training - Emergency medical and evacuation insurance
- Cultural training - Housing for two months
- Biomedical Equipment Repair training - Most meals
- Biomedical Equipment course and lab - Hospital briefings
- Text book, lab book and all lab supplies - Tools and hands-on instruction
- Pre-departure information and guidance - Group excursion
- Tool kits and basic repair supplies - Full-time in-country staff, available 24/7
- In-country mobile phones - 24 hour safety hotline


Application Packet (Updated October 1):

See full program and cost details. For Campus to Country and Alumni programs, please view each program's page for tuition details.

EWH Financial Aid:

You must complete the Financial Aid application form on your EWH Dashboard, as part of your application to the Summer Institute program. To add this form to your Dashboard, first answer “Yes” to the question “Are you applying for Financial Aid from EWH?” under the section “Begin EWH Application.”

Other Scholarships:

Many of our students fundraise to help finance the cost of tuition. For tips on fundraising, as well as links to scholarships, view our Fundraising Webpage, see our fundraising PDF in the application packet or download our personal fundraising letter.