Start or Renew A Chapter

Whether you have an existing Chapter or you're starting a new one, now's the perfect time to review the updated EWH Chapter Guidelines. The Guidelines will provide you with a brief overview of potential Chapter activities and help with general operations. Below you will find all the resources you need to start or renew your Chapter! If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at

If you need help obtaining funding for your Chapter fees, please fill out our Chapter Fee Waiver application here.


Quick Links to Chapter Resources:

Ch_Guide        Ch_Pay


If You're Starting a Chapter:

  • Find members and a faculty adviser. You can use the EWH Interest Form or create your own and send to your network to find members. Share our Chapter Presentation with interested parties.
  • Appoint a President, Vice President, and Treasurer.
  • Review the Chapter Guidelines. Have the Chapter Officers and the faculty adviser fill out the EWH Chapter Application and Agreement. To successfully complete this form you will need: 
    • Names and emails of Leadership Team (Faculty Advisor, President, Vice President, Treasurer)
    • Mailing Address (for package delivery)
    • Roster, including names and emails of each member: doesn’t have to be finalized, as you can edit
    • T-shirt sizes and colors (only for US Universities)
  • Pay affiliation duesPlease utilize your student union or student affairs center to assist in covering your dues. This is typically provided for all registered university student chapters at a majority of universities. If you need any assistance locating the appropriate office, we are here to help!
  • Hold your first meeting. Discuss Chapter activities and draft by-laws. 
  • You're a Chapter now! Welcome to EWH! Once you've registered with EWH, we will share a Chapter Resource folder with you, with activity ideas, project guidance, and more.

If You're Renewing a Chapter:

If you ever need any guidance or assistance, or just want to share what your Chapter's been up to, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at! We love hearing from you!