Virtual Innovation Exchange 2022

Virtual Innovation Exchange 2022

This program is now completed.

Remote Learning Program for Global Health

Australia-Cambodia and Australia-Uganda

Beginning January 2022, Engineering World Health will be offering a virtual design program that will bring together students from the University of New South Wales in Australia with students from either Cambodia or Uganda. The course will focus on low-resource design and engineering for healthcare in an international setting. Participants will work in international teams to collaborate on design challenges specific to healthcare in Cambodia or Uganda.

Students will work and learn together remotely throughout this course. The course material is taught by EWH engineers. The course covers concepts for biomedical design, collaboration, ethics, and entrepreneurship as these topics relate to engineering for low-resource environments. Students work independently through self-directed learning modules as well as collaborate virtually in groups to further develop design ideas and exchange knowledge. Teams are also assigned a program mentor with significant engineering background and experience in low-resource hospitals to help them throughout this process.

VIE application

Dates: The course runs on a 5 week timeline, starting January 3 and ending February 4. (Week 1 will be introductory and 100% remote).

Students can expect to commit 3 days per week for the duration of the 5-week program, including 6 hours/week on formal coursework. Each student will meet twice each week with their team and work independently on course materials 2-4 hours/week. The remaining time (approximately 12 hours/week) will be spent working on your project.

Cost: Applicants should check with their institution for exact pricing. Costs subsidized by EWH and partner universities.

Criteria: Participants must be students of the University of New South Wales, the University of Makerere, or a Cambodian university. Students must be studying engineering or a related science and technology discipline.

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion. On request, EWH will gladly provide summary materials to present to your home university in support of any independent study credit you may seek. *UNSW students will not be eligible for course credit: they will receive industrial training if they complete the requirements of the program.

Applications Closed at this time.

Sign up here. If you have any questions, please email