RIT Guatemala

Winter Institute to Guatemala with Rochester Institute of Technology


EWH Institutes are international service-learning opportunities for university students and young professionals in STEM fields. During these programs, participants receive intensive technical training before being placed in hospitals in low-resource areas, where they collaborate with local hospital staff to repair medical equipment and improve the facilities’ overall healthcare technology situation.

This is a Campus to Country Program facilitated by EWH in partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology. 


This Campus to Country program in Guatemala is a three-week winter program open to students from Rochester Institute of Technology and EWH Institute alumni. After completing a training course during the fall semester, program participants are then placed in small groups to volunteer in public hospitals of Western Guatemala. The trip starts with a few days of orientation and Spanish lessons in the city of Quetzaltenango (also called Xela). Students then move to their hospital placement city for the next two weeks, where they will assist with critical medical device repairs, translation of manuals, preventative maintenance, and other services. Experienced EWH staff are on the ground to supervise and assist the volunteer groups with technical repairs, translation, and any other issues. A final conference concludes the program, where all groups present on their experiences.



December 26, 2023 - January 14, 2024