Guatemala SI

Guatemala Summer Institute

May 30, 2023 - July 30, 2023


Training: Quetzaltenango (Xela)

May 30 - June 24

Hospital Placements

June 25 - July 27

Final Conference: Guatemala City

July 28 - July 30


The Guatemala Summer Institute trains and places up to 20 participants to volunteer in local hospitals and clinics. Participants assist with critical medical device repairs, translation of instruction manuals, preventative maintenance, hospital staff equipment training, and other engineering services.

Participants begin with a month in Quetzaltenango, taking tailored courses in both Spanish and biomedical instrumentation. Our in-country partner, Do Guatemala, arranges accommodation and Spanish lessons. EWH provides instruction on common medical devices and methods for troubleshooting and making repairs in low-resource settings. 

After the first month of training, participants begin their work at EWH partner hospitals in groups of two to four. These partner hospitals are public Guatemalan hospitals. Some of the public hospitals in Guatemala have some form of technical assistance; however, gaps in training and language barriers often prevent effective equipment repair. Participants work closely with Guatemalan technicians and medical staff in overcoming these hurdles.

Participants are typically housed in either homestays or rental properties during the second month. Some placements are in urban areas, while some are more rural. There is usually little to no English spoken in public hospitals. 

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