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Introducing the 2018 Summer Institute Coordinators!

With a record number of Institute programs running in 2018, we've got a lot of On-the-Ground Coordinators to introduce! As we mentioned last week, OTGCs are crucial to the day-to-day running of each program, working to ensure that participants learn everything they can in the classroom, adjust well to their homestays and hospital placements, and accomplish their mission of repairing medical equipment and improving the care their hospitals are able to offer.…

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Meet the 2018 January Institute Coordinators!

As you may know from some of our past blogs, On-the-Ground Coordinators (OTGCs) play a vital role in EWH’s Summer & January Institute programs. Our OTGCs are often, but not always, past participants in the programs. As coordinators, they work in-country for 3-10 weeks, helping to prepare for participants’ arrivals, serving as Teaching Assistants, and supporting participants in their hospital assignments. Our OTGCs come from around the world, and regularly display great passion and dedication in the intersection of global health and technology, as well as a strong sense of adventure. This year is no exception!…

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