Uganda Summer

Uganda Summer Institute

May 31 to July 26, 2020  Dr_Robert_Explains_O2_Concentrator

Training: Kampala, Uganda

June 1 - June 26

Hospital Placements

June 27 - July 24

Final Conference: Kampala, Uganda

July 25


The Summer Institute in Uganda trains and places up to 12 participants to assist hospitals, medical schools, and a home for children with disabilities. This 8-week program is run in partnership with DukeEngage, but open to students from all universities.

The Uganda program offers participants an immersive cultural and clinical experience. Participants live and work alongside Ugandan biomedical engineering students from Makerere University (a prestigious university in Uganda's capital, Kampala). The program starts with four weeks of training from instructors at Makerere University. Participants study the public health care system in Uganda, learn basic Luganda language, and receive lectures and hands-­on lab training in medical equipment repair and effective design for low-resource settings.

During the second month, each team of participants rotates through two 2-week placements, working closely with local technicians and medical staff to make equipment repairs, execute trainings, install equipment, or perform other engineering duties for the hospitals.In addition, each team must develop a design project and present their prototype at the end of the program.

All placements are within the city of Kampala, and the participants share a guesthouse for the entire two month program.

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