Instructor Application

Engineering World Health trains biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs) in developing countries, through support from the GE Foundation. Our training program includes training local BMETs in their home country or region and working with local educational partners to achieve a sustainable training program that can be perpetuated by local institutions for years after the direct involvement of EWH in the country. This strategy allows the countries we work in to achieve a locally supported, long-lasting solution for the challenges of medical equipment maintenance and repair.

EWH relies on guest instructors to make these programs a reality. The EWH BMET team works hard to manage these programs and to provide curriculum through partnership with Duke University. Guest instructors give their valuable time, knowledge, and experience to provide instruction on specialized topics to the local BMETs and build capacity for local educational institutions.

Becoming a guest instructor with EWH is an exciting opportunity that typically involves a visit abroad for anywhere from one to eight weeks. Instructors will be asked to prepare and deliver a certain amount of lessons per week in conjunction with the EWH BMET team. If you are interested in volunteering as a guest instructor please fill out the form below or contact us if you would like more details.