After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2022 Summer Institutes concluded successfully with overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. From May through August, 68 volunteers traveled with Engineering World Health on programs to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Rwanda, and Nepal. Collectively, they repaired 651 pieces of equipment at 29 different partner hospitals. Their work and repairs are worth an estimated $1.3 million invested in low-resource healthcare systems around the world.

We’re excited to share final reports for each program, including more information about the student experience and details on their repairs and secondary projects. You can view the final reports here:


One common theme among the feedback was that participants were surprised at what they were able to accomplish and the impact they had on their placement hospitals. One student remarked, "My goal when I came here was to just fix at least one important machine, and we ended up repairing 45 devices." Another student shared how he saw the impact of his work firsthand - "My favorite fix was for an infant warmer which the nurses said got too hot for the babies... The very next day I saw them using it on a baby on a ventilator, so that moment was extremely real for me."

When asked to describe the program, students said it was "unforgettable" and "intense." One said, "The overall experience was very eye-opening and unlike any other experience I've ever had."

Several students remarked on the challenges - and rewards - of navigating a new culture. One participant remarked, "Outside of the hospital, I think my biggest accomplishment was embracing a new environment, language, and people. These past two months have been unreal and truly life-changing for me. I was shocked at how quickly I was able to adjust and remain present throughout the entire program and overcome many challenges along the way."

EWH would like to thank all of the students, coordinators, instructors, partners, and donors who helped make this program possible!

The 2023 Summer Institute application is now open. Find more information and apply here.